About Mosa Industrial

Always In Your Life

Mosa Industrial Corporation was founded in 1988 as a traditional plastics manufacturer. 1995 saw the development of production grow into the manufacturing of high cylinder gas products, boosted by industry tranformation characterised by significant developments in innovation, technology and equipment.

Mosa further exanded it's production capabilities in 2003 to include advanced car safety hybrid airbag inflators. Production output was drastically increased in 2012, with the ability to mass produce. 

Currently, Mosa Headquarters is located at the Central Taiwan Science Park- Huwei Park, occupying a space of 180,000m2.

Mosa is dedicated to the investment in resarch and development of all it's products and industries, including the 8g high-pressure gas cylinder. To meet customer expectations, Mosa has continuously devoted its resources to talented people, precise technological equipment and specialised research.

The filling of the gas cylinders is the main core technology that gives Mosa the quality it has come to be known for. The new state of the art facility has afforded Mosa the opportunity for automated production which boasts both precise and efficient output.

Mosa is proudly the world's largest consumer high-pressure gas cylinder manufacturer. 

Mosa currently holds various patents of Taiwan, China, EU, USA and acquired TÜV’s ISO/TS16949 quality system certification as well as BAM EC, DOT and France INERIS certifications.