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  • Molecule-R Cocktail R-Evolution Kit
    Molecular mixology kit. Mixology is now an art so stop simply mixing alcohols with juices! Learn how to de-construct your favourite cocktails and serve your mojitos in a large bubble that will explode in your mouth, bite into a layered martini or add a touch of airy lime foam to your tequila shot..
    $82.50$110.00 Ex Tax: $75.00
  • Molecule-R Cosmopolitan R-Evolution Kit
    Molecular mixology kit. Impress your friends with three recipes that push the boundaries of modern mixology! Add a molecular twist to your traditional cosmo sure to awe your guests! Serve a cosmopolitan bubble on a spoon that will pop in your mouth, top off your cocktail with a light fluffy cranberr..
    $45.00$60.00 Ex Tax: $40.91
  • Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution Kit
    Bring your culinary creativity to the next level and impress your guests with spectacular dishes such as mint caviar beads that burst in the mouth, chocolate spaghetti, lemon foam or tzatziki spheres! This “do it yourself” molecular gastronomy kit includes all you need to experiment at home w..
    $82.50$110.00 Ex Tax: $75.00
  • Molecule-R Deluxe Edition Cookbook
    Molecular gastronomy by Molecule-R - Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition of our cookbook has been designed to include in a single package all the additives and tools required to test our new recipes! Content: 9 food additives (71g cans) 5 pipettes 1 slotted spoon 1 measuring spoon 1 ..
    $250.00$450.00 Ex Tax: $227.27
  • Molecule-R Diffusing Papers (200 Papers & 4 Droppers)
    Refill for Aroma R-Evolution. Live a fascinating olfactive experience that will change the way you perceive flavours! Content: 200 diffusing papers 8 droppers Post from Victoria only. ..
    $15.00$20.00 Ex Tax: $13.64
  • Molecule-R Food Styling R-Evolution Kit
    Unleash the full potential of your culinary creativity! Molecule-R is giving foodies worldwide the food styling toolset they’ve been waiting for for years: from tweezers to scissors, from syringe to scalpel, each high quality tool has been carefully designed and engineered to make styling ..
    $82.50$110.00 Ex Tax: $75.00
  • Molecule-R Gin & Tonic R-Evolution Kit
    Two in one! Make your own tonic syrup with cinchona bark, then reinvent the gin & tonic, molecular style. Syllabus: Natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct your favourite cocktail. HOMEMADE TONIC SYRUP: Make your own tonic syrup with cinchona bark CLOUD OF TONIC: Create..
    $45.00$60.00 Ex Tax: $40.91
  • Molecule-R Margarita R-Evolution Kit
    Molecular mixology kit. Experience the unexpected with three avant-garde recipes! Play with the texture of your cocktail to add an element of surprise! Create a margarita slush topped with a fresh lemon mousse, add a splash of colour by creating blue azure suspended pearls or encapsulate your margar..
    $45.00$60.00 Ex Tax: $40.91
  • Molecule-R Mojito R-Evolution Kit
    Molecular mixology kit. Freshen up your party with the ultimate mojito experience! De-construct your mojito into floating mint caviar and spectacular foams or encapsulate your favourite cocktail into a sphere that will explode in your mouth. Experience the unexpected with three easy molecular recipe..
    $45.00$60.00 Ex Tax: $40.91
  • Molecule-R Molecular Bowl Set
    This beautiful, high quality set of two flat-bottomed, square glass bowls was designed specially for emulsification and spherification. The full-sized bowl is perfect for beating soy lecithin into a solution to be emulsified, while the half-sized bowl is ideal to spherify liquids using sodium algina..
    $35.00$40.00 Ex Tax: $31.82
  • Molecule-R Molecular Styling Kit
    Our newest creation combines the techniques of molecular gastronomy with the art of food styling. This kit is where molecular gastronomy and food styling collide. Create light, airy foams, burst-in-your-mouth spheres and beautiful caviar-style pearls, then plate it all just the way you want it! W..
    $200.00$250.00 Ex Tax: $181.82
  • Molecule-R Refill Agar-Agar 10 Sheets
    1 box of 10 sachets (net weight 20g) If you bought one of our R-Evolution kits and ran out of sachets, this item is for you.  Agar-agar is a natural gelling agent extracted from red algae. It is often used to create solid pearls, gel spaghettis and jellies. Post from Victoria only. ..
    $15.00$18.00 Ex Tax: $13.64