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  1. Bestwhip Cream Chargers N2O 10 Pack x 12 (120 Bulbs)

    Price:  $85.00

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      Bestwhip N2O chargers are the highest quality Nitrous Oxide (N2O) whip cream chargers available. Manufactured in a brand new (2009), purpose-built factory with state of the art equipment, electronic weighing and quality control. ISO 9001, NSF/ANSI 18, German TÜV-Mark Certified and with strong market share in 60 countries, Bestwhip is the global most selling brand. Each charger is:

      • • Filled with certified Linde pure N2O. No oily residues.
      • • Silver lacquered to prevent kitchen moisture from causing rust on the top of the charger.
      • • Universal (standard 8g screw-in system) fitting - NOT for Push-Valve (Kisag) system or new 16g system.
      • • Filled with pure Linde N2O gas in Mosa's a state of the art factory.
      • • Weighed electronically with no-duds guarantee.
      • • Will turn 0.5 litre of whipping cream into up to 1.5 litre of whipped cream! Far greater a volume than mechanical whipping.

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